Super Munchers: The Challenge Continues… Cheats For Macintosh

Super Munchers: The Challenge Continues… Cheats For Macintosh

Get all the inside info, cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Super Munchers: The Challenge Continues… on GameSpot.

Word Munchers Deluxe Gameplay

Here we are with yet another gameplay video of an edutainment game, and of one that has a surprising lack of footage on YouTube. This is Word Munchers Deluxe, an updated re-release of the classic edutainment game. I never personally owned this game as a kid, but it still represents a pretty major part of my youth. How so, you ask? The elementary school I went to had this game installed on EVERY SINGLE COMPUTER IN THE SCHOOL. It was always our reward for whenever we finished our work early and it was commonly played during free days, and we always tried to see how far we could get. I believe the one who ended up holding the record was a friend of mine who made it to the fiftieth level, which was quite a feat given the limited time we had to play the game most of the time. Naturally, when I ran across this in the thrift store, there was no chance I was passing up the opportunity to relive all of that!

The goal of this game is that you’ll be on a board full of words, and the game will tell you which kind to munch. If you successfully munch all the right words, you move onto the next level. If you munch an incorrect word, you lose a life, and you also have to make sure to avoid the enemies (known as troggles) while doing so, though you can choose to play without them if you pick “Play Troggle Free” on the main menu (I didn’t show it off because it’s the exact same thing, just no enemies). I played on the highest grade level and went on “Challenge Mode” so I could show off everything in one go. As far as I know you could theoretically play the game forever so I just went on to what I thought was an acceptable length. Death is never really an issue for me since I’m obviously far above the age group, though I did have a few flukes. I played to about 60 levels or so before outright giving up because I felt there was nothing more to show beyond that point — I already went through all the basic objectives once over and you already saw each of the messed-up stories, so I tried showing what happened when each of the troggles got you. I couldn’t get the spider to get me, but that’s one you almost have to run into by mistake because she comes and goes so quickly.

After the game was shown I ran the credits and also let the whole Hall of Fame song play. I decided to play this on my good ol’ OmniBook just for the extra nostalgia kick. Enjoy the video!

This Trick Shot Broke our iPhone!

The behind the scenes of That’s Amazing’s newest video, “When your iPhone is at 1%”

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We’re 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!

TOP 10 HARDEST CHALLENGES w/Clicks / And How Hard they actually are

TOP 10 HARDEST CHALLENGES w/Clicks / And How Hard they actually are

❗IMPORTANT❗ : The showcases used in this video are hacked and not real
the replays were made by me

Things Used in this video:
Megahack v7.1 : https://absolllute.com/store/
PosBot v1.5: https://github.com/decoder0007/PosBor/releases/tag/v1.5

Costs: Megahack v7 : 4$
PosBot v1.5: Free

Texture pack used in this video:
Futura ui 😀

About the levels:
10: Name: Delusion
Creators: xEl3cTr0 and BoBoBoBoBoBoBo

9: Name: Murder Mitten
Creators: mark, GhostVandalf, flamongo

8: Name: Torrent
Creators: Fossa, Toastii and Yossarian

7: Name: 3SH in Hell
Creator: UFWM

6: Name: Stercore
Creator: Quberry

Creators: Nyalter and Nyan Cat

4: Name: Falling Illusion
Creator: Exen

3: Name: Paraballa
Creator: Gorling

Creators: xEl3cTr0, Sailent and IcEDCave OG

1: Name: VSC
Creators: Woom and BoBoBoBoBoBoBo

About me:
In Game Name: JustASteak
Discord: Justachill#3028

If u want any of the replays that i botted than contact me on Discord.

Song used in this video: a lot of songs and im kinda lazy to put all of them here sorry 🙁

Tony Hawk and Sean Evans Take on the Paqui One Chip Challenge | Hot Ones

Tony Hawk is no stranger to pain after three decades of professional skateboarding. But how will he and Sean Evans survive Paqui’s 2022 One Chip Challenge®? The rules of this competition are simple: Take a bite of a blazing Carolina Reaper and Scorpion Pepper–laced tortilla chip and see just how long you can last before reaching for that glass of milk. Watch the skate legend eat what he describes as “the remnants of a terrible house fire,” and see how long Sean can last at his fourth #OneChipChallenge rodeo. Expect blue tongues and a lot of tears.

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