Gun Review

Gun Review

Gun sets you loose in the Wild West, where you can shoot your way through a very brief but entertaining storyline and undertake some decent side missions while you’re at it.

Weekly Used Gun Review Ep. 81

Welcome to Weekly Used Gun Review. These videos are meant to by entirely educational. Nothing in the video is for sale. There are no fire demonstrations in this video. In this series I pick a small sample of guns that have been brought into our store for review. This is a good way to expose my viewers to a wide array of firearms that might not otherwise get their own dedicated review. Any comments asking for pricing or inquiries into the purchase of these items will be deleted. Thanks for watching!

This video is meant strictly for entertainment and educational purposes ONLY. None of the items in this video are being offered for sale to any viewers of this video.

In this video:

Walther PPK/S – 380
Finnish M39 – 7.62x54R
S &W Model 24 – .44 Special
ATI Galeo/IWI Galil – 5.56
Colt M45A1 – .45ACP
Walther P4 – 9mm
HK P7 M8 – 9mm
DWM Navy Luger P04 First Issue – 9mm

Best Gun For Your 1st Gun & Ones To Stay Away From 2020 Edition

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DIsclaimer- Our videos are done for educational and entertainment purposes only.

All music licenses bought from Envato, is credited from owner with permission or is in the YouTube library.

Please Note! We do NOT sell, advertise the sale of or promote the sale of any firearm or ammo. Our videos are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Also there are no links to any website that sells firearms or ammo. Please understand that firearm safety is the most important thing to follow when handling any and all firearms. All of ours have been safety checked and we are in a controlled and safe environment when using them. Follow the rules of firearms safety as it is all of our responsibilities to do so. Our firearms are secured and kept in safes and/or locked up as they should be.
Please Note: We do NOT condone nor promote the modification of any firearms or accessories.

5 Guns Everyone Needs

The five guns every person should own.

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8 Best High Capacity Carry Guns for 2023

In this video, I’ll talk about my Top 8 High Capacity Carry Guns of 2022, which will include pistols in .45 ACP, .40 S &W, 9mm, two new tiny but relatively powerful pistol calibers, and one touted as the highest velocity semi-auto pistol caliber in the world. Stick around, you DON’T want to miss ANY of this.

Just as a quick disclaimer, I won’t talk about guns chambered for obscure cartridges like the 9 x 23 Winchester, the 9 x 25 Dillon, or even the somewhat popular but still obscure .38 Super as there are very few people who care about those cartridges. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

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