Fallout: New Vegas – Dead Money Review

Fallout: New Vegas – Dead Money Review

Trial-and-error frustrations diminish the impact of this add-on’s great characters and dialogue.

Fallout: Dead Money Trailer

Fallout: New Vegas never sleeps, baby. Check out the new content available for the hot RPG in Dead Money and see why you need this DLC.

Fallout New Vegas dead money review

in this video i give the story behide the dead money DLC for fallout new vegas hope you guys enjoy and dont forget to subscribe 🙂

Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money Review

If you’re wondering why there are two Pineapple Express references in one video, I couldn’t tell you. Life is full of funny coincidences. Anyways, enjoy my 19 minute Fallout shitpost that could only laughingly be described as a review.

Dead Money Is BETTER Than You Think | Fallout: New Vegas Retrospective

Dead Money released in December 2010 to the ire of many Fallout fans. The game strips away your equipment, poisons you constantly, and forces you to engage in an entirely new economy. Back then? Yeah, that was terrible. Nowadays, I love it. Let’s reignite the decade old debate and dive back into Dead Money.
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