Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Projected To Become No. 1 At Box Office This Weekend

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Projected To Become No. 1 At Box Office This Weekend

Originally set for release earlier this year, the film has built up a healthy amount of demand among international audiences.

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Sony Video Link – https://youtu.be/NavEcSwkeGA
Voice Cast Video Link – https://youtu.be/Wzb3SmU6If0

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero to Reign Over Beast in Domestic Box Office Opening

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is projected to win the slow box office weekend over new release Beast…let’s take a look at the upcoming box office weekend #dragonball #dragonballsuper #beastmovie #boxoffice #bullettrain

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Dragon Ball Super Super Hero SURPRISED ME

Well I Just saw DragonBall Super SuperHero and I’ve got a lot to say for how this filmed Surprised me. The 1st CGI Film from Dragon Ball and New forms That Are Interesting to say the least.
I have a lot to say about this New Anime Movie so lets get talking about it.

00:00 Why I loved the Slice of Life with Pan and Piccolo
1:31 How they Finally Fixed Base Gohan’s Eyes
4:05 More Stuff I loved about the film
5:06 Goten and Trunks FINALLY AGING
5:36 Bulma’s Wagon
6:27 Thoughts on the Fight scenes, CGI, & The Dub
8:12 Cell Max and Goku Flanderization when Vegeta Meditates
10:01 Super Saiyan 2 Doesn’t look Good anymore
11:52 Gohan BEAST, Orange Piccolo, & Dragonball Transformations
13:32 Fitness Lesson we all can learn from Dragon Ball
14:16 Overall Thoughts


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Gohan Beast
Pan Training
Orange Piccolo
Gohan Training
Vegeta vs Goku
Gamma 2 vs Orange Piccolo
Gamma 1 vs Gohan
Cell Max
Perfect Cell Max
Bulma’s Wish
DragonBall Super SuperHero Review
DragonBall Super SuperHero Review SPOILERS

The MISTREATMENT of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Figures

Today I wanted to discuss how Bandai has handled figures from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero extremely poorly. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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