A Total War Saga: Troy Review – My Kingdom For A Centaur

A Total War Saga: Troy Review – My Kingdom For A Centaur

A meaty, engrossing strategy spin-off with an attention to detail that is both a blessing and a curse.

Carving Out An Empire In The Best Total War Game Yet – Total War Troy

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The Amazons DLC Review for A Total War Saga: Troy

Looking at the mechanics, units and historicity of the Amazons DLC for A Total War Saga: Troy. The DLC will release on the Epic Store on September 24th, 2020 – and is available free for the first week through the Total War Access website.

Thank you to The Creative Assembly for providing an early review copy of the game.

00:00 What’s In the DLC?
04:20 Historical Background Check
07:13 DLC Review
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FOR THE HORDE! Total War Saga: Troy – Amazons DLC – Penthesilea Campaign Gameplay

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TROJAN SHIELD WALLS: HECTOR BECOMES DEMIGOD – Total War Saga: TROY (Hector – Troy) #4|SurrealBeliefs

Here is a first look at the Total War Saga: TROY campaign for Hector, Prince of Troy! In this preview and gameplay walkthrough of the gameplay, we talk about the legend of Hector, the Iliad, Troy and then we dive into field battles, siege battles and minor town battles in Total War: Troy!

Watch the entire campaign here:

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TROJAN SHIELD WALLS: HECTOR BECOMES DEMIGOD – Total War Saga: TROY (Hector – Troy) #4|SurrealBeliefs