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Content Writing Services In India

Content Writing Services In India

India, a country that houses more than 135 crore people at the moment has endless job opportunities. India has the second highest employment rate next to china. In this fast pacing world of infinite job opportunities one that lies underneath all of these are content writing services. When we talk about content writing the first question that pops up in anybody’s mind would be that what is content writing? Content writing is the art of beautifully crafting relevant information about a particular topic, websites or maybe for some organisation.

If it was to be put under technical words then content writing is a form of online or offline writing that mainly exercises in the marketing of a particular product.  Content writers work according to the information that is provided to them by their recruiter or manager or what is required by the client.  Content writing was not known as a job opportunity for a long time but in the recent years it has emerged out to be one of the job profiles that people look up for from all genders and generations.

In India there are many websites that provide internships/job opportunities to everyone for content writing. Normally an average content writer makes 200-250 per article that they write, however prices go way up when there are 2000 or 2500 word articles that need to be delivered. If we take the cost per word then it is around 40-50 paisa word. The pay also depends on the content delivered to the client. If someone is interested in content writing then here are a few things that are needed to be kept in mind.

  1. Develop a habit of reading. The more you read the more you would have knowledge about the content that needs to be delivered.
  2. Maintain a social account, where you can keep yourself updated about the recent news and job opportunities in the field that you are searching for.
  3. Find your way of writing content. The way you may portray out feelings for a particular topic. As it is very important to connect to the audience for your content since you do not know who is reading from the other side of the screen. If it is not something they would connect to, there may be a little chance that you may lose your clients over that point.

Keeping all these points in check one can be on their way to a great content writer in India.

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